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Book by Marshall Brickman | Book by Rick Elice | Music & Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

We are sad to say farewell to

The Addams Family, but we are grateful for the wonderful support we received from family, friends, and community during our very brief, one-day run. It was a fabulous show and we embraced our chance to bring it to life on the eve of Friday the 13th.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you at a show in the 2020-2021 season.

If you would like to support Hammond's Theatre Department financially to help us cover the cost of the production, please consider donating here.


Cast List 

I - 3/12 and 3/14 at 7pm
II - 3/13 at 7pm, 3/14 at 2pm
Gomez - Carlos O'Ryan

Morticia - Terra O'Rourke

Wednesday - Tori Kerry

Fester - John White 

Pugsley - Avery Moe I

                       Sydney Phillips II

Lurch - Carter Jones

Grandma - Chinaza Ezeh I

                       Kayla Hendershot II

Lucas - Deacon Sweeting

Alice - Isabel Berry

Mal - Ali Khalid I

                       Michael McDonald II

Grim Reaper - Evan Jacobs


Conquistador - EJ Cooper

Caveman - Isaiah Olujide

Soldier - Riley Woodward

Saloon Girl - Emilia Azurmendi

Flight Attendant - Katie Marshall

Bride - Jaci Molina

Flapper - Skylar Shaffer

Puritan - Zoe Sanders

Thing - Sydney Finger

Monster - Rachel England

Moon Singers

Adom Amissah

Emilia Azurmendi

Georgia Briggs

Kennedy Grant

Marlee Hunter

Rose Kinder
Ella Martin

Skylar Shaffer

Tango Dancers

Sera Chase

Ana Coman

Matthew Dietrich

Danielle Gilbert

Jasen Hill

Jordan Kreh

Kristina McKirahan
Jaci Molina

Isaiah Olujide

Gabriel Porter

Adit Pradnyana

Zoe Sanders


Mia Addo

Caleb Angus

Sam Baldwin

Samantha Biggs

Chloe Booher

Riley de Leeuw

Megan Gould

Nakiyah Greene

Zoie Kapusta

Kelly Kujawa

Ashley Mason

Selihom Megerssa

Isabel Moskov

Emily Paz

Deja Reece

Haven Sanders

Caroline Schreier

Alara Sheriff

Julia Steinberg

Gertie Vance

Maggie Vance

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