2020-2021 SEASON

Virtual Showcase

June 10, 2021 

Miss Gender

By Keche Arrington

Lou is a rebellious teenager passionate about breaking gender norms and dismantling the patriarchy is about to meet their next call to action when their two overbearing parents, John and Jane, heavily encourage Lou to honor the family tradition of competing in beauty pageants and have pulled a lot of strings to get their to the semi finals in their town’s Miss Gender Beauty Competition.


Lou with help from friend and emcee of the competition, Jo Betcha, decides to beat the system from the inside out and win the competition to use the live finale broadcast to use their speech to call out the issues with beauty pageants.


At the pageant, Lou meets the rest of the contestants, TJ, Erin, and Sam. Through each of the competitions, Lou slowly radicalizes all of them. Through each of the competitions, Lou’s parents try to rig the match so Lou loses and doesn’t besmirch their reputation. But Lou is being watched over by The Trancestors (Trans Ancestors) Christine Jorgensen, Terri Rogers, and One Eyed Charlie. They always have a way of making things go in Lou’s favor.


At the end of the competition, as Lou is crowned winner, their parents interrupt and ask them to swallow their pride and give the speech they wrote. But the remaining contestants come on stage alongside Lou, dressed as their inspirational, feminist heroes.



Lou Doe: Avery Moe

Jo Betcha: Matthew Dietrich

Jane Doe: Skylar Shaffer 

John Doe:  Stephen Espiritu

JJ Doe:  Kennedy Grant

TJ Westfield: Alara Sheriff

Erin Stuart:  Julia Steinberg

Sam Smithers: Gertie Vance

Jennifer Wallen: Riley Proctor

Christine Jorgenson: Jordan Galeone

Terri Rogers: Sydney Finger

One Eyed Charley: Sebastian Hurt

Shorty: Rachel England

actors riding each other


May 12, 2021, at 7:30pm
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24 Hour Play Project

Talkback December 3, 2020, at 8pm (Google Meet)
Second semester performance (coming soon)
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