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By Neil Simon
November 10-12, 2016

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Cast List

Sid Sorokin - Nick Zuelsdorf

Catherine “Babe” Williams - Jessica Ramon

Vernon Hines - Kevin Aranyi

Gladys Hotchkiss - Kira Bennett

Prez - Jack Buzard

Mabel - Rhea Bradley

Mr. Hasler - Michael Weiss

Mae - Flora Aubin

Pop - Nealon Miller / Conner Chick

Max (Salesman) - Hosea Mundi


Factory Ensemble

Brenda - Renee Lindenmann

Charley - Josh Pike

Poopsie - Lexi Wakefield / Abby White

Joe - Connor Landfried

Rita - Hayley Skaggs

First Helper - Daniel Quinter

Virginia - Jasmine Phillips

Second Helper – Michael Rees

Mara - Ina O’Ryan

Mary - Kathryn Cloud

Anderson - Jaeden Arrington

Sara - Keche Arrington

Ann - Katie Rees

Machine - Eyosias Abiy

Sandra - Nicolette Brookman

Doris - Olivia Irby

Charlene - Makayla Beckles

Union Workers

Jaeden Arrington

Candace Belk

Camille Hylton

Karina LaCroix

Samantha Kargbo

Grace Quade

Sergio Rodriguez

Emma Schreier

Taylor Sweeney

Marie Talbott

Kaylee Wisdom

Sydney Woodward

Shelby Waters


Sid Sorokin - Eyosias Abiy

Catherine "Babe" Williams - Abby White

Mabel - Ina O’Ryan

Hines - Josh Pike

Gladys - Isabelle Dyson

Prez - Michael Rees

Rehearsal Calendar

To add an event to your Google Calendar, click on it and select "Copy to my Google Calendar." To add the entire calendar, open your Google Calendar,  find "Other Calendars" on the left, and enter the following in the box labelled "Add a friend's calendar": 

Pit Calendar
Program Bio Form

I would like every actor, AD, SM, and tech crew head to have a bio in the program. These are due by February 5! If you don't complete this form by then, you will not have a bio (or Mrs. Tobiason will write one for you...and you don't want that).


Include your first and last name as they should appear in the program. Enter your email and your character's name. If you are an ensemble member, include the category from the cast list. For your bio, please write in third person. Seniors get up to 60 words, non-seniors get 30 words (not including your name and character).

Success! Bio received.



Program Ad Form

All ads are due by February 5.


Please fill out the form below and click the "Order" button. Then upload your attachments using the "Upload" button, and submit your payment by February 12. Payment may be made by cash or check. Check payments should be mailed to the following address:


Hammond High
Theatre Department
8800 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046


Available sizes are:

1. 1/4 page (2.5" wide by 4" tall) - $30

2. 1/2 page (5" wide by 4" tall) - $60

3. Full page (5" wide by 8" tall) - $100


Success! Your ad order has been received.

If you are designing your own ad, please upload it as a jpeg, PDF, or Word document. Any images that appear in your ad should be uploaded individually at the highest resolution possible. 

The Wiz

Book by William F. Brown
Music and Lyrics by Charlie Smalls
March 3-11, 2017
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